The recommendations of the CSA-Benin in the face of vaccination against COVID-19 –

Claiming that the COVID-19 contamination situation in Benin is of concern, the government has mandated vaccination of health workers against the coronavirus. In view of the controversy surrounding these government decisions, the National Executive Bureau of the Confederation of Autonomous Trade Unions of Benin (BEN / CSA-Benin) is making observations and recommendations.

For a few days now, the government has been recommending vaccination for the entire population and, whether gentle or not, has been exerting pressure to persuade some, especially public officials. The government has even made it compulsory to show your vaccination card in order to attend official events. Then the National Executive Bureau of the Confederation of Benin Autonomous Trade Unions (BEN / CSA-Benin) made observations. He observes the “uncertainties surrounding the virus, conflicting scientific communications about the effectiveness of the vaccine, or justified reluctance from workers and populations”.

He notes that in Benin, as everywhere else in the world, evidence has been shown that the vaccine does not guarantee full immunity and that more than ever workers and populations need to be sensitized rather than threatened to be vaccinated. In addition, CSA-Benin believes that “government communications would benefit from a review to continue portraying barrier gesture respect as the best parade against the spread of the nasty virus”. This central union believes that “continuing to present the vaccine as an absolute solution will reduce the risk of lowering the public vigilance that is still needed to fight and overcome the pandemic”.

An educational approach despite the alarming nature of the situation

However, CSA Benin is alerting workers to the worrying nature of the current situation caused by the new variants of the virus, which are more virulent and deadly. She points out that national statistics are becoming more and more alarming. And this situation challenges social organizations at all levels. According to her, “it is no more and no less a public health issue that certainly requires unprecedented and difficult regulatory decisions”. CSA-Benin recognizes the right of the government to ensure the collective well-being, but urges the authorities to take the educational approach necessary for the massive and voluntary support of workers and the population in efforts to contain the pandemic.


Therefore, she recommends that the government, instead of a vaccination pass, create a health passport that enables the vaccinating citizen to use a negative COVID test to access official activities. This confederation is making workers aware of the civic attitudes expected of them in order to prevent the professional environment from serving as a place for the spread of the pandemic. For them, workers need to be responsible users and consumers of social networks, providing only useful information and increasing vigilance in the face of the virus resurgence in our country.

In addition, the CSA-Benin asks populations wishing to be vaccinated to take minimal precautionary measures upstream. Among other things, they must first take the test before each vaccination in order to know and treat their serological situation, always first of all symptoms of malaria or other diseases before each vaccination. You need to be on high alert and systematically presumptively treat any symptom comparable to the effects of the coronavirus and then take the test to calm yourself down.

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