the revolutionary satellite that can provide Internet to 1/3 of the world

Europe is preparing to put into service a satellite that we can safely call revolutionary. In fact, it is Eutelsat Quantum, whose commissioning is scheduled for the night of Friday, July 30 to Saturday, July 31, 2021. In collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA), the launch will take place in Kourou in Guyana by the French space operator Eutelsat and the French satellite launch company Arianespace.

First commercial “flexible” satellite

This satellite is in fact the first commercial “flexible” satellite. The difference with the existing ones is that the reconfiguration will take much less time. It will be able to provide Internet connection to a large part of the earth. According to a press release made public by ESA, it has configuration software that will make this satellite “the first to be able to adapt at any time to the needs of the client and serve any region of the world.”

Adapted to “connectivity services”

“If there is a natural disaster, we can immediately locate the capabilities of the satellites over the area where the disaster occurs. It is also especially suitable for connectivity services on board aircraft. We can model satellite coverage and thus follow a mobile terminal in motion ”, one of the Eutelsat managers also explained to the media.

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