The Swiss vote for marriage for everyone

(Geneva) Switzerland, together with the majority of Western European countries, launched a referendum on Sunday in favor of marriage for everyone.

Posted on Sep 26, 2021 at 8:01 am

by Christophe VOGT with Eloi ROUYER in Bern Agence France-Presse

According to the latest quantified estimate by the opinion research institute gfs.bern, the “yes” won with 64% with an error rate of plus or minus two percentage points.

This provisional but irreversible result clearly exceeds the value of the polls before this election, which was rejected in particular by the populist party UDC, the leading party in the country and some religious groups.

“It’s a historic day”. The formula was on everyone’s lips at the headquarters of Yes supporters, in a restaurant decorated with rainbow flags in Bern, where 200 to 250 people gathered.

The no-camp had resumed its colors as the elections approached by running a campaign that focused heavily on the child’s wellbeing, development, and the importance in their eyes of the father-and-child couple.


Shocking posters lamented the commercialization of the child and affirmed that “marriage kills the father for all”.


One shows a crying baby, with an ear tag usually reserved for cattle, and the question: “Babies to order?” “.

On another, a huge zombie head, supposed to represent a deceased father, stares at passers-by. A primary school in Valais even decided to cover it because it scared the children.

Homosexual couples can already sign a civil pact in Switzerland, and on Sunday the rejecting cantons seemed to have voted by a majority for homosexual unification 16 years later.

In particular, the new text provides that same-sex couples can adopt a child together. In addition, female couples can use sperm donation. It was one of the most controversial points and was brought up by opponents.

Benjamin Roduit, national advisor (deputy) of the Center Party, emphasized on the public broadcaster RTS that for him marriage is not a problem for all between consenting adults.

On the other hand, he said he was afraid of the doors that he believed would open to lesbian couples through access to sperm donation. “The success of our campaign may have been to focus on the child in assisted reproduction [procréation médicalement assistée] He explained.

The 99%

According to estimates by the institute gfs.bern, voters rejected a second proposal made by young people of the Socialist Party under the motto “Money doesn’t work, you do!” Quickly nicknamed the Robin Hood Initiative, it received 34% positive responses.

The initiative called for income from capital assets – for example interest, dividends – to be taxed 1.5 times higher than income from work.

An exemption from this tax of 100,000 francs per year, for example, is planned, but the additional tax revenue is to be used to reduce the taxation of low and middle incomes or to finance social benefits such as crèches, health insurance grants or training, emphasizes the website of the Supporters of this proposal.

The polls already gave the loser the initiative.

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