those complications that led to the deaths of some vaccinated people –

A few days ago, fewer than ten reported cases of myopathy after administration of the Biontech-Pfizer vaccine worried French researchers. Cases that arose and had been documented after the 1960s were discovered in Israel. However, according to the French Medicines Agency (ANSM), the number of cases compared to the dose administered was still too small to speak of side effects. However, this Friday, the French agency announced deaths for both the German-American vaccine and AstraZeneca in a pharmacovigilance report.

Worrying deaths …

This Friday, the ANSM published its 14th report on the Pharmacovigilance Survey, a survey that “monitors in real time the safety profile of vaccines available in France, based on statements made by health professionals, vaccinated people or those around them” over the period . from April 16 to April 29, 2021 ”.

In this report, the French scientists revealed in France “the reporting of 6 new cases of acute pancreatitis (…) including 1 death” after the administration of the vaccine “Comirnaty (developed by Biontech-Pfizer editor’s note)”. The report also revealed for the vaccine ” Vaxzevria ” (developed by AstraZeneca Editor’s Note): “2 new cases of thrombosis with atypical localization, including 1 death, were analyzed during this period, bringing the total number of cases since the beginning of the year to 30 increased vaccination, including 9 deaths ”.

In addition, according to the conclusions of these surveys, the most commonly documented adverse reactions for the Vaxzevria vaccine were “cerebral vein thrombosis”, while those for Comirnaty were “acute pancreatitis”. However, the report had clarified: “As for the deaths reported, the current data does not suggest that they are related to the vaccine. These events will continue to be subject to specific monitoring ”.

Nevertheless, these side effects, “16,943 analyzed cases since vaccination started” and the documented deaths raise real questions about the relevance of vaccines. In any case, the ANSM announced that it had forwarded the results of its analyzes to the European Medicines Agency and recommended above all “every person who has side effects lasting more than 3 days (…) to consult a doctor quickly”.

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