Tony Blair | The “task” of Afghanistan is “unnecessary” and “dangerous”

(London) Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who embroiled Britain and the United States in the war in Afghanistan in 2001, criticized on Saturday “the abandonment” of the country by the West.

Posted on Aug 21, 2021 at 5:54 pm

“Leaving Afghanistan and its people is tragic, dangerous and unnecessary, (it) is neither in their interests nor in ours,” he wrote in an article published on the website Afghan government and the rise of the Taliban.

“By examining the ramifications of the decision to return Afghanistan to the same group that created the slaughter of the 11th of all strategic will”?

The former British Prime Minister, widely criticized for his eagerness to follow the United States to Afghanistan and Iraq, said Westerners’ current strategy will hurt them in the long run.

“The world no longer knows what the West stands for, so obviously that the decision to withdraw from Afghanistan in this way was not strategically but politically motivated,” writes Blair.

“We did it to the applause of all the jihadist groups in the world.”

“Russia, China and Iran are watching and benefiting. The commitments made by Western leaders are apparently viewed as a devalued currency, ”Blair said.

During his ten-year tenure as British head of government from 1997 onwards, Blair had forged close ties with US President George W. Bush.

The unpopularity of military intervention in the Middle East played a large role in its demise in 2007 and its replacement by Gordon Brown.

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