Trans-Pacific Treaty | Washington wants to involve Taiwan and calls on China to stop military pressure

(Washington) The United States on Friday welcomed Taiwan’s bid for the important trans-Pacific trade agreement, the CPTPP, and urged China to “cease military pressure” following the entry of Chinese planes into the area.

Posted on Sep 24, 2021 at 4:16 pm

Taiwan, which Beijing regards as part of its territory, submitted its candidacy for this treaty a few days after China’s application for membership. The Chinese authorities have spoken out against membership of the island.

The Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) was signed by eleven Asia-Pacific countries in 2018 and is the largest free trade pact in the region. It represents about 13.5% of the world economy and 500 million people.

However, the US, which negotiated it, left in 2017 at the instigation of former President Donald Trump.

From then on, the US administration of current President Joe Biden made it clear that it had no say in these candidacies.

“Still, we believe that Taiwan’s reputation as a responsible member of the World Trade Organization and Taiwan’s strong support for democratic values ​​should be taken into account by CPTPP members when considering Taiwan as a potential candidate,” US diplomacy spokesman Ned Price told reporter .

“We call on Beijing to end its military, diplomatic and economic pressure on Taiwan and, on the contrary, to enter into meaningful dialogue with Taiwan,” he added.

Taiwanese authorities announced Thursday that 19 Chinese planes, including 14 fighter jets and two nuclear-capable bombers, had entered Taiwan’s air defense zone. This is the biggest foray in months.

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