Tunisia | Washington urges President Saied to return to the democratic path

(Tunis) A senior US official met with President Kais Saied in Tunis on Friday to urge him to urgently appoint a new prime minister and get his country back on the rails of parliamentary democracy, the government said in a statement from White House with.

Posted on Aug 13, 2021 at 7:28 pm

To this, Mr Saied replied in another declaration that there was “no need to worry about freedom, justice and democracy”.

Jon Finer, Assistant to US Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, brought a message from Joe Biden to President Saied, who gave himself full authority.

This message “urges Tunisia to quickly return to the path of parliamentary democracy”. Mr Finer also insisted on “the urgent need to appoint a Prime Minister who would form a competent government capable of dealing with the current economic and health crisis in Tunisia”.

Saied, for his part, once again pointed out that the “extraordinary measures” he took on July 25 “are within the framework of the application of the constitution and meet the expectations of the population against the background of social crises”, according to a press release by the Tunisian Presidency.

“You don’t have to worry about freedom, justice and democracy,” he said, according to the same source.

Mr Saied established an exceptional regime on July 25th and suspended parliament, saying he wanted to “save” his little Maghreb country plagued by months of political blockades and a new deadly peak of COVID-19.

But almost three weeks later, the return to normal functioning of the institutions is long overdue and the international community is concerned that Tunisia, the cradle of the Arab Spring, is falling back on authoritarianism.

At the beginning of August the USA had already emphasized that “the Tunisian leadership must urgently return to Tunisia’s democratic path”.

However, the Tunisian president is slow to appoint a head of government and put forward his program, causing concern among political parties and national organizations calling for a “road map”.

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