two new Covid-19 variants to watch out for

The pandemic surrounding the new coronavirus continues to preoccupy the news. In fact, in addition to the delta variant, which is being discussed in several countries, two other variants are the subject of special attention from the World Health Organization. These are the “Lambda” variant of Covid-19 discovered in Peru at the end of 2019 and the “Epsilon” variant discovered in California in March 2020.

Lambda more contagious than alpha or gamma

According to the researchers, the one proven in the US would have fairly high resistance to the antibodies produced in the body after vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, etc.). So it would take more than two doses to get to the end of this variant if the virus became the majority. According to a study by the University of Chile, the “lambda” variant of Covid-19 is more contagious than the alpha or gamma variants.

Delta dictates its law in the UK

According to experts, its dangerousness is at the level of a “rather unusual mutation set”. It should be remembered that all of this is done in a context where the Delta variant continues to attract the attention of health authorities worldwide. Countries like Great Britain are hit hard by this variant. In France, every third person is affected by the Delta variant of Covid-19.

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