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Berlin (dpa) – The Union is insisting more and more vehemently on the exclusion of a possible future left participation in government by the candidate SPD chancellor Olaf Scholz.

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) said in Berlin on Tuesday that with her there would never be a coalition in which the left would be involved. Union chancellor candidate Armin Laschet (CDU) said: “It is no longer a gimmick whether these people are sitting at the cabinet table or not.” In return, SPD general secretary Lars Klingbeil accused the CDU of tolerating a right turn in its own ranks and called on party leader Laschet to take countermeasures. Almost four weeks before the parliamentary elections, the SPD remains the strongest force in a Forsa poll.

In the new RTL / ntv trend barometer, the Social Democrats can extend their lead over the Union to two percentage points, bringing them to 23%. The Union lost one point compared to the previous week and reached 21%. The Greens remain unchanged at 18%, the AfD climbs one point to eleven percent. The left and the FDP remain at six and twelve percent respectively.

Merkel said it remained to be seen whether an exclusion from a coalition with the left would be shared by Scholz. “In this context, it is simply the case that there is a huge difference for the future of Germany between him and me.” Scholz had not expressly ruled out a coalition with the Left Party on several occasions over the past few days, but had linked any formation of a government to principles such as a clear commitment to become a member of NATO. The left wants Germany to leave NATO.

The left refuses to intervene

Merkel stressed that she wanted to clarify that “for the future and especially in these times, very clear statements on the continuation of the work of the government are necessary, whatever the constellation”. If we invoke them, there is a difference. At the same time, the Chancellor said she was delighted that Scholz recognized what had been achieved in the grand coalition.

The parliamentary leader of the left parliamentary group, Jan Korte, called on Scholz to “finally emancipate himself from the CDU”. Leftist leader Susanne Hennig-Wellsow has banned the Chancellor from “interfering” in future coalition talks at the “Tagesspiegel”.

Laschet again asked Scholz to make a clear statement. Predictably from someone who wanted to become chancellor, the CDU boss said at the CDU economic council working day. Along with the red-red-green, a card would potentially have to be held to pressure the FDP or others to join a red-green government.

Laschet also promised former parliamentary group leader Friedrich Merz an important future role. Merz is the “economic and financial face” that will also shape federal policy after the election, Laschet said. His team will be visible “very soon”. He hopes Scholz will then be asked where his team is: “Where are all the people you now tie up somewhere behind the scenes so they don’t give interviews?”

Merz calls on Merkel to get more involved in the election campaign. “Now that this is really everything, I hope that Angela Merkel will be personally involved in this federal election campaign again,” Merz told RTL / ntv. A “camp election campaign” is emerging between the bourgeoisie and a possible left-wing government.

Klingbeil counters in moderation

Klingbeil said of the Thuringian CDU Bundestag candidate Hans-Georg Maaßen of the German press agency: “I expect Armin Laschet to finally distance himself from Maaßen and that the CDU resolutely opposes the right turn in its own ranks. This would not have happened under Angela Merkel at the CDU. Klingbeil referred to a campaign letter from Maassen, in which he wrote: “I know some flirt with the AfD and it is true that this solves urgent problems.” Klingbeil said Maaßen is campaigning for right-wing voices with the promise that you will get AfD content from him.

The SPD’s new responses to warnings from a left-wing alliance were initially mainly on Twitter. There, Klingbeil wrote: “3 words: Pure panic! In Sunday’s televised triumph, Laschet first said that when asked about a left-wing alliance, Scholz could simply say, “I won’t. Period. Three words. “It wasn’t until then that he added the correct ‘four’.

Kassel SPD MP Timon Gremmels tweeted: “If you can’t think of anything else, Peter Hinze’s #rotesockenkampagne will come out of the moth box.” SPD MP Hilde Mattheis wrote: “The old #Linksrutsch panic comes and goes up and down.” Wuppertal SPD MP Helge Lindh accused the Union of “absurd left-shift fantasies” and cited Laschet’s announcement of a formative role for Merz. Lindh: “If you don’t want this horror scenario to come true, you know what to do at the polls.

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