United Nations warns of ‘catastrophe’ in Afghanistan |

After the Taliban come to power, the Afghan people are threatened with catastrophic conditions, warns a UN diplomat. And sanctions could pose problems for aid organizations in particular.

Kabul (AP) – After the Taliban came to power, the United Nations warned of the devastating consequences of the escalating economic crisis in Afghanistan.

If the situation does not improve, “it will lead to a catastrophe,” said the UN deputy special representative for Afghanistan, Ramiz Alakbarov, of the German news agency in Kabul.

“Prices are going up, people cannot access their savings in banks and they are not paid for their work.” As the largest employer in the country, non-governmental organizations have suffered “a gradual collapse”.

The UN diplomat warned of a sharp increase in the number of refugees if the crisis persisted in the winter. Alakbarov called for international sanctions against the Taliban to be changed so that humanitarian organizations working under the new Afghan government are not threatened with any punitive measures. Ordinary Afghans should not be punished for taking power by the Islamists. “You are not guilty of what happened here.

Alakbarov said the expected lack of investment and work in water and sanitation in Afghanistan will lead to an increase in disease. In combination with malnutrition, this is life threatening, especially for young children. At the same time, there were no large vaccination campaigns or basic medical care programs. The different factors combined would lead to “an extreme form of suffering” with rising morbidity and mortality rates.

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