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Republicans block a government funding proposal in the US Senate. The deadline for a new regulation is approaching, otherwise there is a threat of shutting down parts of the government.

Washington (AP) – In the United States, the danger of a partial shutdown of government affairs is approaching from the end of the week.

Republicans blocked a formal vote in the U.S. Senate Monday evening (local time) on a proposal that sought to secure government funding beyond the end of the budget year on Thursday. The new fiscal year begins October 1, this Friday. If no fiscal settlement has been decided by then, parts of government will be shut down.

This means that some state employees should be granted compulsory leave or work temporarily without pay. Depending on the duration of such a situation, some government services could be restricted or payments delayed. Such “shutdowns” by parts of government occur more often in the United States. However, the administration of US President Joe Biden is determined to avoid this.

The House of Representatives passed the government’s temporary financing plan last week with the Democrats’ vote. In the Senate, however, the Republicans resisted. They complained that the bill also provided for the temporary suspension of the debt ceiling, which they reject.

According to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, however, if Congress does not raise the debt ceiling, the US government risks defaulting in the coming month. It is not possible to give a precise day, but the government will run out of money “during the month of October,” Yellen warned in early September. If the government was unable to service its debts in October, the US economy and financial markets around the world were threatened with “irreparable damage.”

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