United States pledges additional military aid to Ukraine |

During a meeting with his Ukrainian colleague Zelenskyi, US President Biden blasted “Russian aggression”. Ukraine can count on additional military aid from Washington.

Washington (AP) – The United States is expanding military aid to Ukraine and providing the country with additional armaments to defend against Russia.

After a meeting between US President Joe Biden and his Ukrainian colleague Volodymyr Zelenskyi at the White House, the United States announced a new “security aid package” worth $ 60 million (51 million dollars). ‘euros). This includes additional Javelin anti-tank missiles and other weaponry, “so that Ukraine can defend itself more effectively against Russian aggression.” US support for Ukrainian security forces has risen to $ 2.5 billion since 2014, according to the White House.

In a joint statement following the White House meeting, the United States and Ukraine underscored their continued opposition to the Nord Stream 2 pipeline in the Baltic Sea. Europe’s energy security ”. The United States has pledged to work to ensure that Ukraine remains a transit country for Russian gas. After a recent agreement with the United States in the dispute over the project, the federal government is keen to get involved. Ukraine depends on income from transit.

Protection against Russia and NATO membership

During the meeting in the Oval Office, Biden Zelenskyi again pledged his support to protect himself from Russian attacks. “The United States remains firmly committed to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression,” said the US president. “The partnership between our countries is strengthening. Support Ukraine’s “Euro-Atlantic” efforts.

Previously, senior White House officials said the government should implement sweeping reforms given Ukraine’s aspiration to join NATO. Ukraine is making progress in this area. The joint statement said: “The United States supports Ukraine’s right to determine its future foreign policy without external interference.” This also applies to the country’s efforts to join NATO. The United States would support Ukraine in its reforms. White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki stressed that the United States had not decided who would become a member of NATO.

The joint statement said the United States would never recognize Russia’s annexation of Crimea. The United States and Ukraine called on Russia for a ceasefire in eastern Ukraine and to make efforts to end the conflict. For more than seven years, Ukrainian government troops have been fighting Moscow-backed separatists in parts of the eastern part of the country. According to UN estimates, more than 13,000 people have been killed since then.

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