United States | Social networks called for help in the fight against forged vaccination cards

(New York) A New York attorney on Tuesday called on social media platforms like Facebook to crack down on online trafficking in counterfeit COVID-19 vaccine certificates, a phenomenon that worried the United States when he announced the dismantling of a cell.

Posted on Aug 31, 2021 at 5:57 pm

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance indicted a total of fifteen people Tuesday, including an alleged 31-year-old vendor suspected of selling about 250 vaccination certificates, about $ 200 apiece. Everything on the Instagram network, where she has subscribed under the name @ AntiVaxMomma.

Another suspect, a 27-year-old clinic worker, was charged for an additional $ 250 to add counterfeit vaccine names to the New York State registry, which feeds a digital passport, the Excelsior Passport.

The thirteen other defendants, all of whom are suspected of having obtained falsified certificates, work in publicly accessible facilities such as hospitals and old people’s homes, the public prosecutor said in a statement.

“We will continue to protect public health in New York by initiating such investigations, but the use of fake vaccination cards is too high to be tackled with piecemeal procedures,” said the prosecutor.

“We need companies like Facebook that take measures to prevent fraud on their platforms. Making, selling and buying fake vaccination cards is a serious crime with serious public safety consequences, ”added Cyrus Vance.

In New York State, the fourth largest state by population (approximately 20 million people), vaccination is mandatory for all caregivers in September, and all civil servants are also required to show or receive a vaccination test every week.

For its part, the City of New York has made vaccinations mandatory for almost all indoor activities, from restaurants to movie theaters to gyms, but controls and penalties will go into effect from September 13th.

US agencies such as the FBI and the Federal Trade Commission have issued several official warnings against the supply or manufacture of fake vaccination cards, while voices have suggested that they are easy to create.

On August 13, customs in the port of Memphis announced that they had seized 121 containers with a total of 3,017 forged cards since the beginning of the year, which routinely originate from China.

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