US Concerned About Interim Government In Afghanistan |

The first personal details of a transitional government for Afghanistan are now known. Some people’s relationships and stories worry Washington.

Washington (AP) – The United States has expressed concern over the interim government of the militant Islamist Taliban in Afghanistan.

The list of cabinet members included “only people who are members of the Taliban or their close allies and not women,” a Foreign Ministry spokesman said, according to media reports. “We have clearly expressed our expectation that the Afghan people deserve an inclusive government,” the Washington Post and other media said quoting the spokesperson.

In addition, the relationships and backgrounds of some people in the transitional government are cause for concern, he said. For example, Siradschuddin Hakkani, the third deputy head of the Taliban and head of the infamous Hakkani network, has been appointed interior minister. The Hakkani network has been blamed for some of the cruelest attacks in Afghanistan. The United States is looking for Hakkani, who is in his 40s, with a seven-figure bounty.

The Taliban Islamist activists on Tuesday presented their interim government after taking power by force about three weeks ago and announced 33 members of their cabinet.

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