Vaccination, the key to getting back to normal New York life

(New York) Outside a cinema in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village neighborhood, Thisbe, 17, has his ticket and COVID-19 vaccination card. Since Tuesday, many activities in New York have been sesame, a new rule that is slowly taking hold in a city where the pandemic has left its mark.

Posted on Aug 17, 2021 at 4:21 pm

Andréa BAMBINO Agence France-Presse

“I feel better when everyone in the cinema is vaccinated,” explains the high school student who is waiting for a friend to see Ema, the Chilean drama by Pablo Larrain.

The compulsory vaccination, an attack on freedom? At the entrance to this little movie theater, Thisbe brushes aside the argument: “It’s your choice if you don’t want to be vaccinated, but it’s a selfish choice,” explains the teen, who got her first shot in April as soon as she got in was able to “protect (her) family” in particular.

Restaurants, museums, concert halls, bowling, aquariums, nightclubs, closed swimming pools and fitness studios … since Tuesday from 12 years of age have been providing proof of having received at least one injection of the anti-COVID-19 vaccine, via a certificate, photo or digital Passport on your phone is required to access a long list of indoor activities.

From Broadway to the Met Opera, the most prestigious cultural sites or, popular with tourists, have announced the colors for their reopening from September: no vaccine, no access.

In the US, San Francisco and New Orleans have also taken similar measures.


In New York, the facilities have until September 13 to adjust before the first controls, but posters have already appeared on many shop windows announcing the new rules.

Elena Batyuk, director of the Reggio café-restaurant, wants to use this time for education. “All I want to avoid is customers getting angry at my team or yelling at them,” she explains in front of her terrace of green painted pallets with a rainbow flag, sky and an American flag.

“Asking people for their medical records … telling them what to do is really not my thing,” she breathes. “Well, if we are asked to … Everyone will be welcome here, but for some it will be on the terrace,” Elena sighs a little annoyed.

In the city of more than 8 million people, nearly 75% of adults have received at least one dose that attempted to revive vaccination by pledging $ 100 for each first injection, according to city hall data.

“Meet first”

A handful of miles from the village of Greenwich, in her little bar in Brooklyn, Paul’s, Jillian Wowak wholeheartedly supports the mandatory vaccination to turn the page on COVID-19 in a hurry.

“Those who don’t get vaccinated somewhere, I have the feeling that they are playing with my money,” explains the manager, who asks all of her customers to get vaccinated. “You can’t wear a mask to eat or drink here. And if I have to accommodate the clients, I can accommodate four people, ”she quipped.

In the whole city many shop windows remained empty despite the resumption of activities in the spring, international tourists have hardly returned and the emergence of the delta variant has raised fears of another stop. The New York Auto Show planned for August 20-29 was specifically canceled.

“We were hit first and hardest” in the spring of 2020, recalls Diane Gnagnarelli, a 62-year-old drama teacher who recalls the stories of one of her nephews who lived near a hospital in the city he saw refrigerated trucks turned into transformed emergency morgues.

“Here we live on top of each other, so with the Delta variant … we have to trust science,” she adds, and is convinced that at some point there will be some form of mandatory vaccination.

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