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Whirlwind around the election of Armin Laschet: the Union candidate for chancellor visibly held the crosses of the CDU on his ballot behind closed doors. Does he thus violate the electoral rules?

Berlin (dpa) – Union chancellor candidate Armin Laschet folded the ballot during his vote at his polling station in Aachen so that his crosses for the CDU can be seen when thrown in the ballot box. This can be seen in the photos.

Sunday’s scene quickly sparked discussions on the internet. The voting decision of Laschet’s wife, who also voted shortly after, is partly recognizable in the photos.

There is now a discussion on Twitter as to whether the best candidate in the Union voted correctly. Neither the Federal Election Authority in Düsseldorf nor the Federal Election Authority could initially be contacted for a statement. The CDU did not initially comment on the request.

On the Federal Return Office website there are voting rules, from which it can be seen that the voting decision should not be recognizable when the vote is cast. Among other things, he said: “In order to maintain the secrecy of the vote, the voter must fold his ballot in the voting booth – after having marked it – so that his vote is not recognizable. The voter then throws the folded ballot into the ballot box. “

In addition, it is clarified that different rules apply during the election than before or after the election: “Before and after the election, the voting behavior can be disclosed. Something different applies to the vote itself: a person entitled to vote is not only entitled to vote, but must vote in secret. This is why the voter must “comply with the regulations enacted to ensure the secrecy of the ballot and follow the orders of the electoral office in the voting zone”.

The regulations also state that the electoral commission must reject a voter if he “has marked or folded his ballot outside the voting booth or folded his ballot in such a way that his vote is recognizable or with a visible vote. from the outside which clearly endangers the vote. secret A marked ”.

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