We know a little more about the eight-jawed marine animal –

Researchers in recent years have been interested in a rather particular animal. In fact, it is the marine animal called Ophiojura. Scientists would have discovered it ten years ago at the top of a seamount, Banc Durand, about two hundred kilometers east of New Caledonia. These researchers would be on mission for the Museum of Natural History.

Unusual features

According to studies that have been carried out on this species, it has very unusual characteristics. What the marine animal has in common with the starfish are its many arms and a central body. Its specificity is the number of jaws which is eight. This device would allow it to crush its prey after it has been trapped. According to the details provided by the researcher named Tim O’Hara, the animal manages to imprison its prey with the jaws that are used to destroy the body of the victim.

A first description

The expert on animals that live in the deep sea indicates that the description of the animal had never been made before. The animal could be placed in the category of brittle stars. Ophiojura can be found both at the level of the poles and in the tropics.

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