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Since the vaccination certificate is required for certain professions in Benin, fraudulent vaccination cards are issued to people who pay a large amount for them. Your accomplices are, of course, health workers. The Porto-Novo court recently imprisoned three citizens who were involved in this human trafficking. The Minister of Health warned health workers involved in these cases in a press release dated Thursday, September 16.

They “face both criminal and disciplinary sanctions. The law 2020-37 of February 3, 2020 for the protection of human health in the Republic of Benin and other laws in force in our country provide for very high fines and imprisonment for these offenses, ”said Benjamin Hounkpatin. In addition to criminal sanctions, these dishonest state employees face disciplinary sanctions up to and including the annulment or termination of the employment contract, the Minister of Health announced.

Think about your job

He therefore asks vaccination officers to consider their work, their families, the honor and reputation of the bodies to which they belong, and above all their oath to preserve human life, before asking for such action. Benjamin Hounkpatin then turned to those dishonest citizens who were given these fake vaccination cards: They are “being prosecuted under the Benin Anti-Corruption and Related Crimes Act,” he told them. And to add: “We will have no qualms about repression against these acts, which are ultimately criminal.”

Five to ten years imprisonment for the corrupt

As a reminder, the Anti-Corruption Act can be punished with “five to ten years’ imprisonment for anyone who has given a public official an advantage in order to use the agent’s illegal services.” Benjamin Hounkpatin finally invited anyone with knowledge of human trafficking or attempted human trafficking with a vaccination card to inform the relevant authorities of the matter or to send a warning to the Department of Health’s WhatsApp number: 91 44 44 44.

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