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Since the beginning of the health crisis related to the Covid-19 epidemic, companies (at least those that have not been the subject of an administrative shutdown) have had to comply with a number of rules to ensure the safety of their employees and the spread of the virus. Depending on the area of ​​activity, these rules can be more precise, for example in hotels and restaurants, in retail or in leisure and sports clubs. Nevertheless, the basis of basic measures must be observed here.

The information obligation

Indeed, the law logically obliges employers to inform workers about the various measures that apply to the company, about their teleworking options, but also about the professional measures to be taken.

Respect for wearing a mask

According to Article L. 4122-2 of the Labor Code, the employer is obliged to ensure that appropriate protective equipment is available. This means that the employer is obliged to provide masks to workers in the workplace. These masks must comply with the standard and it is preferable to obtain them from Securimed, for example. Suppliers specializing in the sale of medical equipment also offer wholesale PPE packaging for professionals. On the other hand, nothing obliges the employer to provide masks for the journey between work and the employer’s home.

Hygiene and disinfectants

The law requires companies, employees and the public to provide hydrological gel for hand disinfection. This can be, for example, bottles with a push button or wall dispensers. They need to be placed in strategic locations such as entrances and exits, on counters, on desks, or even in toilets and communal rest areas. Again, most of the companies had enormous hydrological freezing requirements. Only providers of professional equipment and medical equipment have the option of delivering in large quantities and in bulk packaging. In fact, in addition to the individual vials that can be given to employees, there are vials for placing on counters and toilets, 5-liter cans for filling the dispensers and for refilling the vials.

Apply barrier gestures

In order to prevent the virus from spreading in the economy, attention must be paid to barrier gestures. Indeed, it is necessary to start setting up a teleworking system as much as possible and, if not, leave a minimum of 1m between workplaces in order to comply with the distance rules. After all, it is important to erect partition walls between employees and the public wherever possible (e.g. at counters, offices or cash registers). In some public buildings it is also possible to add gauges.

In addition to providing the equipment to keep employees safe in the face of Covid-19, the employer is also required to enforce social distancing rules, even if disciplinary action is required.

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