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Scientists in France have raised possible links between myocarditis cases and the coronavirus vaccine Pfizer / BioNTech (comirnaty). Yesterday, Friday, June 18, 2021, the National Medicines Agency (ANSM) announced that the vaccine in question has a “potential role” in the occurrence of rare cases of myocarditis in young adults. In its weekly point of monitoring the side effects of vaccines for Covid-19, the agency released the information.

Similar cases have been reported in Israel

The document indicated that the ANSM Supervisory Committee “maintains the hypothesis of a possible role for Comirnaty vaccine in the occurrence of myocarditis”. The cases of myocarditis had sparked a response from the ANSM, which last week said it was necessary “to continue monitoring the potential signal.” Note this is not the first time we have heard of cases of myocarditis due to the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine. Similar cases have been reported in Israel. On French territory, 29 cases have been observed since surveillance began in the country. Nevertheless, according to ANSM 14, “in consideration of the degree of completeness of the clinical data collected” were selected.

Only in nine of them has pharmacological and clinical expertise determined a possible eligibility of the vaccine. This is not the first time that side effects have been noted since vaccination against Covid-19 began in France. A total of 25,983 cases of “expected and non-serious” side effects were investigated.

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