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Several years after the discovery of the continent designated with the name Zealandia, scientists continue to carry out research to have more information about this buried continent. According to National Geographic, on July 23, researchers took a sample of a mineral called zircon that provided some information. The results of this research show that Zealandia does have the status of a continent.

The continent would be much older than everyone thought. According to scientists, it has existed for 1.3 billion years. The investigation also led to the conclusion that there is a craton within Zealandia. A study conducted a few years ago indicated that this rocky core was not yet identifiable under this continent which is the size of Australia.

Discovered in the early 90’s

However, the elements extracted from this continent have allowed researchers to detect the existence of several rocks rich in silicate. Let us remember that Zealandia, which is still called Te Riu-a-Māui in the Maori language, was discovered in the early 90s. It would thus be the eighth continent on planet Earth. It would have an area of ​​approximately five million km². It is buried under the surface of the Pacific, the only visible parts of which are New Caledonia and New Zealand.

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