WHO wants to prevent another pandemic

In response to the great powers pledges during the G7 in the UK, the World Health Organization (WHO) held a conference on Monday 14 June 2020 to commemorate the role of great powers in preventing a new wave of the coronavirus pandemic. The expectations of the health organization and its partners are truly beyond the promises communicated at the end of the G7 summit.

WHO expectations

In its press release, the WHO called on rich countries to show greater solidarity so that vaccines can be spread around the world. The US pledge to provide 1 billion doses of vaccine does not meet current needs, 11 billion doses, to effectively combat this virus, which circulates much faster than vaccines. The financial obligations of the great powers also do not meet the expectations of the actors involved in this struggle.

Although President Joe Biden has recognized that his “humanitarian duty is to save as many lives as possible”, his commitments, as well as the promises of his European allies, do not loudly allow WHO and partners involved in the fight to eradicate this killing virus their latest report at least 10,000 a day.

Responding to a new wave of the pandemic

To achieve this, the question of resources is essential for WHO. The institution truly calls for global solidarity and an open commitment from the great powers to urgently raise the financial resources needed to eradicate this virus. Developing and then sharing cans is the other initiative planned to eradicate the virus. Ultimately, health surveillance will help protect humanity from the coronavirus by diagnosing and treating sudden illnesses.

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