With the Sorbonne University, Sèmè City will soon launch a master’s degree in innovation – La Nouvelle Tribune

The International City of Innovation and Knowledge Sèmè City signed with the Sorbonne University this Friday, July 16, a collaboration agreement that focuses on innovation through research, training and entrepreneurship. Jean Chambaz, president of the prestigious French university explained that this association will benefit French students and researchers. “We need to learn from each other, that our researchers and our students participate in these programs that we are building together with Sèmè City and the partners, the universities and that they come here to train, work, understand the problems. And bring this experience back to Europe ”, declared to the microphone of Radio Bénin.

The potential, the experience, the quality of the researchers and the devices of the Sorbonne University will also be made available “to the Benin research and innovation training community,” he added. Students from the city of Sèmè and this French knowledge mecca will jointly carry out research activities in the fields of modeling, materials science, artificial intelligence, calculations and data analysis, etc.

An association that takes effect from the beginning of the next school year.

Claude Borna, general director of the Development Agency of the City of Sèmè, suggested in his speech that the objective of this association is to put science and innovation at the service of development. “The first project of (this agreement) is a scientific master’s degree in innovation management. It is a master’s degree aimed at graduates in scientific areas and that provides additional training in innovation ”, he explained.

The second project is a summer school for research on innovative materials and the third is research and continuing education in artificial intelligence. Please note that the partnership between the two entities takes effect from the start of the 2021-2022 school year.

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