Workers have to get vaccinated and sue a hospital

In the United States, mostly in the state of Texas, a hundred hospital workers have filed a lawsuit to challenge their discharge after refusing to take the Covid-19 vaccine. In fact, the hospital center had imposed a moratorium on its staff to show that they had all received the vaccine against the new coronavirus. After the deadline, the perpetrators face a range of sanctions, including dismissal.

“We are not against the vaccine”

According to the notice published in this context, a two-week suspension free of charge will initially be issued. If nothing is done, employees who do not meet the requirement will simply be fired according to the score. In this case, however, the hospital requirement is illegal for the 117 employees. “We are not against the vaccine. We just want to feel more comfortable and do more research before we get it vaccinated, ”said a hospital nurse a few weeks ago.

The hospital doesn’t move

The hospital, on the other hand, is not changing its position in the face of pressure from these employees. “We are proud to report that nearly 100% of our 26,000 employees have made the right decision to fulfill our sacred obligation to protect our patients,” the Houston Methodist said in a statement. “It’s a shame yesterday’s move to make the Houston Methodist the safest hospital in the country was overshadowed by some disgruntled staff,” the statement said.

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