World Bank provides $ 30 million for vaccine

Last March, Benin started its vaccination campaign against Covid-19. To support this operation and make it possible to use it, the World Bank has granted the country additional aid amounting to US $ 30 million. It was the Ministry of Health that gave the information last weekend. The money granted to Benin will therefore be used to purchase vaccines and distribute them throughout the national territory.

“A limited capacity of the health system, in particular to guarantee vaccinations”

Despite government efforts, the Ministry of Health notes “limited capacity of the health system, particularly to ensure vaccination, which is an essential complementary strategy to the long-term fight against Covid-19”. June Benin had 8,000 and 82 cases of the new coronavirus, including 102 deaths.

Note that the World Bank has always supported Benin since the outbreak of the epidemic in this West African country. Last April, the Bretton Woods Institution approved additional funding of $ 10.4 million from the International Development Association (IDA) to support Benin’s efforts to fight Covid-19 (coronavirus) and better respond to emergencies in the Public health field to respond.

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