Xiaomi surpasses Samsung in Europe and becomes number 1

In the field of shipping Smartphones to Europe, the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has beaten Samsung’s flat seam. According to a publication made by the Strategy Analytics company, in the last three months Xiaomi would have sent 12.7 million smartphones in Europe. According to the estimate of its growth, it could be estimated at about 70%. Samsung, for its part, would have shipped only 12% of smartphones to Europe. The South Korean group would have experienced a decrease of almost 10% compared to last year.

For its part, the apple brand ranked third in this established ranking. Apple is said to have shipped a total of 9.6 million devices during the same period to the European market. “The European smartphone markets had a solid quarter thanks to the recovery after Covid, after the 2020 crash,” Boris Metodiev, associate director of Strategy Analytics, tried to justify.

nearly 13 million units shipped

“The highlight of the quarter is that Xiaomi is emerging as the number one supplier in terms of shipping for the first time. Xiaomi has shipped nearly 13 million units to the mainland to replace longtime leader Samsung. “He continued. He will also point out that the Chinese automaker has been successful in Russia’s countries like Ukraine, Spain and Italy.

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