Your visually impaired son, a couple invents glasses to help him

It is the story of a couple who decided to find a solution and help the world after a problem was detected in their son from an early age. Your solution? A device that looks like a virtual reality headset developed by their joint venture called Biel Glasses. 2 years after the birth of their son, Jaume Puig and Constanza Lucero found out that their son has low vision.

This couple, made up of an electrical engineer and a doctor, has therefore decided to provide solutions to all those who need it and who have this problem through technology. The cost of the project is estimated at € 900,000. Their product was developed thanks to a personal contribution of € 65,000 from the couple.

Sources indicate that the product has already been validated by the European Union and will go on sale at a price of € 4,900. The product was developed with the participation of doctors and computer engineers. The product is glasses that work with artificial intelligence, augmented reality and 3D vision. The product that was exhibited at the World Mobile Fair (MWC) in Barcelona will be available in Spain and Denmark this year.

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