YouTube converters, an obstacle for the music industry

Following the dematerialization of music and digitization, record companies are fighting a battle to make it impossible to download free music products. Why are Internet users adept at extracting streams?

The music market has experienced, for just over a decade, an evolution that not even most professionals expected. Physical media, of course, has clearly declined: of course, CDs retain a certain aura, but now they are far from dominating the market. As for vinyl, although they have become fashionable again, they can only affect a niche audience. The big upheaval has obviously come from the internet in general and YouTube in particular. At the base of données in apparence infinie et la facilité d’accès qu’il offer, it géant to écrasé toute form de concurrence et c’est desormais ver lui that chacune et chacun se tourne presque systematically pour trouver et écouter the music of son option.

It is precisely these platforms that certain sites have targeted, offering online content downloading, site conversion such as YouTube MP3, and other tools to copy a file online and save it on a personal hard drive. The reasons for wanting to download are because YouTube has its limits, well known. Intrusive ads, random successive reads, interrupted listening on the smartphone when the app is in the background, etc. If the platform has unmatched potential, it is not for nothing that users have tried to circumvent its shortcomings. Among the solutions practiced solutions, two are at the head of the pack, but they do not imply the same consequences at all.

Streaming from paid online platforms

This method consists of accessing your music online through a channel other than YouTube. Streaming platforms like Deezer have largely found their place and satisfy millions of users. Its qualities are numerous and well known: also immense choice, ultra-high customization, quality of access and listening, accessibility anywhere and at any time, etc. Not in vain are they preferred by Internet users. However, one drawback seems to be underlined and may seem considerable: these platforms are not free. Quite logical when you think about the scope of services offered, but surprisingly, so much has become the habit of free online.

YouTube to MP3 download

Between a solution that assimilates the user to a pirate and puts him at the mercy of (real) pirates, and another that allows free and legal access to millions of musical pieces at ridiculous prices (compare with the price of a single CD … .), the choice is made theoretically quickly.

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