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Cold Saw Market

The global Cold Saw Market is expected to witness a robust In Upcoming Years. The present scenario is such that industries across the globe are becoming more human with self-service tools, integrated workflows, and seamless virtual triage. In other words, workflows are getting optimized, so that precision could be worked better upon. Operational resilience could be built by creating a one-stop solution for enhancing driving outcomes and uptime all across the operational procedures.

A cold saw or a circular saw is used to cut metals with the help of a toothed blade which transfers the heat from the metal being cut to the chips produced. Even though a cold saw runs at a lower RPM comparatively, it cuts the metal faster and leaves the metal in cold state with the help of a coolant. Cold saw offers a wide range of blade tooth options and range of RPMs which enables it to cut both ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

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The high speed toothed blade used has an advantage of re-sharpening. If properly sharpened, the blade can be re-used 30 to 40 times before the diameter shrinks too far to be used. Cold saws offer precise and clean cuts which eliminates the need of waiting for the metal to cool down and de-burring after the metal is cut. High speed steel, carbon steel and tungsten carbide steel are the three types of cold saw blades used.

The first carbide circular saw blades were relatively thick, with improved technology the thickness was reduced resulting in lowered cost. These blades are generally used to cut ferrous alloys and when finishing is critical, high speed carbide cutting saws are used which although expensive, reduce time dramatically.  Cold saw cutting techniques offers accuracy and no further mechanical operation is required.

Technological advancement in cold saw machines has gained popularity for cold saws. When high production is required cold saw cutting is preferred. Among other sawing methods such as friction sawing, band sawing, hot sawing and hacksawing; cold sawing is the most cost efficient.

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Reusability of the blade adds up more advantage to the technology. Cold saws are used in metal fabrication industries which is largely growing on the global scale.

Cold saw blades are brittle and subjected to shock due to hardness, any amount of vibration may result in damaging the saw teeth. Cold saws also exhibit kerf loss, which is loss in materials leading to the production loss. Certain hazards involved in cold saw industrial use are eye injuries cause due to flying metal chips, skin irritation caused by coolants and extreme high speed resulting in cuts. These factors are challenge to the global cold saw market.

High speed cutting and high tolerance across a wide spectrum of materials, improved productivity is the recent technological advancement in cold saw market. Semi-automatic and automatic cold saws are used to cut larger harder metals with higher range of RPMs.

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Cold Saw Market: Segmentation

By blade type
  • High Speed Steel(HSS)
  • Carbon Steel
  • Tungsten Carbide Steel
By operation
  • Manual Cold Saw
  • Semi-Automatic Cold Saw
  • Automatic Cold Saw
By end-use
  • Independent workshop
  • Automotive fabricators
  • Auxiliary manufacturers
Leading countries in the production of metals in Asia Pacific such as China, India and South Korea are major drivers of the cold saw market. Brazil is expected to drive the cold saw market in Latin America. Whereas North America is estimated to show high growth rate in the cold saw market in the forecast years.

Japan being a significant country in the metal fabrication industry is expected to have a healthy share in the cold saw market. Owing to rapid growth in metal industry in Germany, Western Europe is set to boost the cold saw market. Russia being a major shareholder of the market in the Eastern Europe, is estimated to grow considerably. Whereas, Middle East and Africa are expected to grow at a steady growth rate.

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Some of the key players in the global Cold Saw market are:

  • JET Tools
  • Milwaukee Tool
  • Husqvarna AB
  • Makita Corporation
  • Doringer Cold Saws, Inc.
  • Scotchman Industries, Inc.
  • ITL Industries Limited.
  • Brobo Cold Saws

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