Zuckerberg announces over $ 1 billion to content creators

The boss of Facebook obviously intends to compete with platforms like TikTok or Youtube. In fact, according to an announcement by Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday, his company will make more than $ 1 billion available to content creators. This amount represents the remuneration of these content creators that will be broadcast on social networks.

“Investing in creators is nothing new”

According to details on the TechCrunch news site, game creators can also be paid based on the number of people exposed to their content. In the publication he made on his social network, he reaffirmed his desire to create “the best platforms for millions of creators to earn a living.” Without giving more details about this project, however, he recalled that “investing in creators is not new” for his company.

“I am delighted to be able to extend this work over time”

“I am delighted to extend this work over time,” stressed Mark Zuckerberg in his post. Keep in mind that the ads that are broadcast on the accounts of influential artists and other personalities allow them to monetize their presence on the platforms. Remember that Facebook, which currently has nearly three billion users worldwide, has competitors like the Chinese video platform TikTok and YouTube.

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